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Are you selling your home in Santa Fe? Many people go to the local internet data exchange, which shows listings in all areas. However, it’s always better to use a trusted real estate agent because they’re professional and can handle various accommodation requests.

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If you’re in Santa Fe, you want someone with appropriate real estate licenses, and Ryan Ferguson can help.

Home sellers everywhere can benefit from our services. As your real estate agent, we take care of everything and can negotiate with the buying agent. The listing broker’s offer is sure to be fair, allowing you to sell your Santa Fe home easily.

Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Have you said to yourself, “It’s time to sell my home in Santa Fe?” If you want to sell your house fast and have a stress-free experience, it pays to understand the market. While you could go to any brokers’ website and see they’re committed, selling houses isn’t as easy as you think.

Homeowners often make a few mistakes, and our advice can ensure that you sell quickly, even if it’s at the last minute.

The Price Is Right

The amount you list the home for has a direct impact on how fast you can sell it and for how much. If it’s overpriced, a family isn’t likely to jump at the opportunity, so it sits on the market. However, listing your house too low means that you’ve left money on the table.

It’s hard to set the best prices for yourself, but a real estate agent has the right data needed to understand what your house could go for in Santa Fe, NM. Ryan Ferguson is the top choice because he keeps costs low for sellers and helps them get higher bids from buyers.

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Usually, he tells you what he thinks your house might sell for, and then you put it a little under that. You get more interest from the potential buyers because they often research online, plus, they’re already familiar with similar homes’ pricing and focus more on the price per square foot and condition.

Therefore, if your home’s condition is similar or better than one that sold recently and is priced less than the other, it’s a must-see in their eyes. This generates more showings!

When you have more buyers interested in the home, you may have more interest in it. That could raise the sale price or at least give you a fair deal.

Have Your Own Agent

While you should always check sources deemed reliable to find an agent, you should also ensure that they aren’t working with the buyer, too.

The listing agent often prefers to double their commission. When you sell a house, you pay commission to both the buyer’s agent and yours. Therefore, if they’re taking on both roles, they get all the money.

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However, that often means your Santa Fe house sells for less than it should have because the professional can’t negotiate with you if they’re also representing the buyer. They also risk their integrity to make more on the sale.

Sometimes, agents try to hide that from you until you’ve already got the buyer’s offer, and it’s too late. Therefore, you should ask the Realtors you want to work with if they represent you solely or the buyer, too. Ryan Ferguson never “double dips,” so you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal with him!

Get a Home Inspection

Most people don’t get a house inspection because they’re moving out and don’t want to spend the extra cash for that. However, this could be the best investment you make. Even if the property is fully remodeled, the potential buyer doesn’t know what’s underneath the hood, so to speak.

Don't Skip the Inspection!

They’ve got many unanswered questions and no data to help them determine if that Santa Fe house is everything they want for their family.

While a buyer can get an inspection on their own, they have to front the money. That means the chance of the sale falling through is higher, and the buyer has less confidence in the place and lowers the offer.

Generally, they put a contingent on the price because they must do their own inspection. Then, if something is wrong, it’s more likely that you must renegotiate prices or make the repairs yourself. They could also back out of the deal altogether.

It’s best to minimize questions the buyers might have with an inspection. That way, you sell for top dollar and much faster.

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions are crucial, and curb appeal is where it starts when selling your house in Santa Fe, NM. Buyers have a better reaction when they pull up to a beautiful home. A lackluster show might convince them to drive off or lower the amount of the offer they are willing to give.

You want to enhance their emotional state when they pull into the driveway because buying a house is emotional, and the exterior’s condition is a factor. While you shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars, you should think about colors and making it look nice. Plant some colorful flowers or spray-paint the grass.

Stage It Properly for the Buyer

The ideal buyer fits within a specific target audience, so the marketing must reflect that. Staging is crucial here, but it’s best to figure out who the target audience is through the real estate agent. He has all that data about the market and can help you!. Then, create a game plan, using staging to appeal to those people.

For example, an average house in a suburban area appeals to a younger family. If you stage the bedrooms as children’s rooms, it appeals to them and interests them. Identifying properties that you can change slightly to appear like what the buyers want is the best way to help them visualize themselves in the Santa Fe neighborhood.

You probably couldn’t do that for a condo, but you can make one room look like an office. Again, you’re enhancing their emotional state, putting you in the best position to sell for more money.

Avoid Locked-in Contracts

The Santa Fe housing market is full of homes that people visit and never buy. Your goal is to get a sale, but you’re also focused on making as much money as you can on your house.

Therefore, you shouldn’t sign a locked-in contract with the real estate professional. Generally, you sign the listing agreement with them and can’t cancel that. You’re bound to them for about six months, but that means you might be unsatisfied with the service. They get a commission regardless of whether the house sells.

Therefore, you should ask the Realtor to let you cancel the agreement at any time. If they say no, go with someone else. Ryan Ferguson ensures that you’re satisfied and works for you. While you could get out of the contract, you aren’t likely to wish for that to happen!

Stop Over-improving the Home

When you look around your city and neighborhood, you probably see perfect houses and think yours must look that good for listings to get the sale. However, sellers often believe that buyers aren’t interested unless it’s had tons of improvements.

Small, Affordable Changes are Good

While it doesn’t hurt to make changes, they don’t all work well. Most of the time, smaller things with bigger visual impacts work best for that home sale. That family with young children is more likely to buy your Santa Fe home if it looks child-friendly.

It’s often best to focus on the kitchen and bathroom areas first. They are the main attractions for the home buyer and are the most expensive. There are ways to make small improvements to change the overall feel of the space. For instance, upgrading to all stainless steel appliances goes a long way.

In the bathroom, you can focus on replacing the mirrors, shower fixtures, and frame. Pretend like you’re the buyer; what might you want to be changed in the space?

Why Sell My Home Now?

Most real estate brokers understand the issues relating to purchasing a home. The service provided focuses on the process used to make a sale in Santa Fe, NM.

Generally, they start with a website listing for your house and provide a complete rundown with appropriate details. The professional then provides ways for the customers to contact them. Though you often have to wait until interest is piqued, it doesn’t take long with the right realtor.

Ryan Ferguson’s goal is to make the process smooth for you. He takes care of every aspect so that you can focus on moving forward and getting your new home! Pick up the phone now and call.

Why Work with a Real Estate Agent

The world of real estate isn’t easy to understand. Agents know the process, whether it’s for condos or single-person homes. Here are the many reasons to work with an agent instead of doing it alone:

  • Expertise and Experience – Agents work with clients each day, so they know how to get things going and what to say. They’re experts at selling and can handle negotiations to get guaranteed results. If you want your house sold quickly, dealing with an agent makes life easier.

  • Marketing Skills – Selling a home involves marketing, which is more than posting it online and praying it works. You can’t just put a sign in your yard; it’s not successful and only makes life more difficult for you. A Realtor can find the interested parties fast!

  • Appropriate Resources – Realtors have a specific process they use to get people what they want immediately. They’ve got access to MLS listings in various cities and can get your home sold much faster than if you did it yourself.

  • Deemed Reliable – A Realtor understands real estate in ways that you don’t. They get feedback about their services and can use those details to ensure their results are guaranteed.

  • Save Money and Time – It’s so much easier to go to a website, see what the company offers, and contact them. Ryan Ferguson makes it accessible for everyone, and you get quality service from someone who cares.

  • Know the Area – You live in the Santa Fe area, so you want a Realtor who understands what you go through. They’re continuously working to improve their skills, offering you guaranteed success through the MLS service. Plus, you get low fees and request help when you need it.

Getting your house sold is so much easier when you contact Ryan Ferguson. He makes sure the price for the property is right and takes his business seriously.

Where Are Real Estate Listings Held?

Most real estate listings are held on a website called the MLS. It includes all the data relating to the home for sale. Usually, it’s only available to Realtors, so you must use their services to get your property listed on the MLS site.

Each listing is created by someone who understands what others want, with a focus on including professional information.

Are Real Estate Agents Better than Selling Yourself?

You want fair treatment when you sell your house and need a quick solution. You may have to sell because of a divorce or something else, but the fact is you’re confused about where to start.

Most suggestions focus on internet listings, such as Zillow. However, they aren’t committed to helping consumers find the right home and listing for them.

Agents matter because they understand how it works to sell properties. You rarely get a cash offer with this route, but you do end up making more money in your bank account.

Therefore, if you’re in real estate to sell your home, it’s best to use the services of Ryan Ferguson. He knows the market, so pick up the phone and contact him today!

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Why Choose Ryan Ferguson for Non-commercial Properties

Selling houses in New Mexico might not be what you’re good at, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got no options. Ryan Ferguson is a real estate professional and has listings throughout the state.

Others have provided feedback about his services, claiming that he knows the market and can sell just about any house. He understands consumers’ personal preferences, so he can ensure that your property looks its best. Whatever they seek, he can create for your home.

If you’ve got accommodation requests, he works with you to ensure that things happen on your time. His listings often end up with many interested buyers!

Please pick up the phone and contact him today to get started!